Setting Up Your Tank? Here’s What You Need to Know About Mesh Coils

One of the great things about vaping is it can be as involved and personalized as you want – or simply a pastime of convenience.

If up until now, you’ve enjoyed the laid-back pleasure and easy use of draw-fired e-cigs, that’s great – but if you’re into bigger clouds, and more intense flavor, know that there are mods you can trick out to customize the experience fully.

Case in point: mod system coils. The coil a mod contains is the part that heats up and vaporizes the e-liquid. By adjusting the wire gauge of the coil, its electrical resistance, and its physical arrangement, you can completely customize the vaping experience.

For instance, some vapers see a type of coil known as a mesh coil as a selling point. In contrast to standard coils (which are actually small coils of wire) mesh coils are just what they sound like – a small mesh of electrical conductors, like a net or a grid.

But the advantages of mesh coils are not purely cosmetic. They offer vapers some significant advantages over standard coils – including the following. So if you were already thinking about upgrading your favorite Smok tank with mesh Smok replacement coils, here are some more convincing points.

Greater Flavor, Bigger Clouds
Because mesh coils have a high surface area to volume ratio, they are very effective at heating up and vaporizing e-liquids, delivering more intense flavor and bigger, thicker clouds. For some cloud chasers and those after potent hits, mesh coils are the way to go.

That high surface area to volume ratio also means that mesh coils are faster-firing. They heat up faster than standard coils so you can get right into the vaping experience very quickly.

More Consistent
One of the great things about mesh coils is that they potentially enable a more even distribution of heat, allowing for a more reliable, consistent experience.

Longer Lasting
The uniform construction of mesh coils which enables more even heat distributions helps to prevent the concentration of heat at weak areas of the coil. When this occurs in standard coils, they can burn out. Consequently, a more even distribution of heat across the surface of a mesh coil helps to prevent it from burning out.

More Energy Efficient
Because the surface area of mesh coils is optimized, volume can be minimized. As a result, it takes less power to get more intense results from mesh coils than is possible with standard coils of similar volume.

Where Can I Get Mesh Vape Coils?
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