Must-Have Hair Growth Products for Black Women

When it comes to hair care, one of the most common concerns and causes of frustration is trying to grow your hair out. It is something that many of us, especially those in the Black community, understand all too well. It can be so frustrating when you want your own natural hair at a certain length, but your hair seems like it wants to grow in slow motion. And many of us are perpetually stuck with shoulder-length hair that just does not go any further despite our best efforts. Some people just want hair regrowth to makeup for their past hair loss and bring back their former length and volume.

While some of us fantasize of long hair down to the backs of the knees, others would just be happy with a full head of healthy hair that steadily grows slowly but surely.

If there were some sort of magical hair growth serum that makes your hair follicles extra stimulated, then we already know there would be a line out the door waiting for bottles of that liquid gold. With hair growth, there are multiple factors involved and you will want to keep note of all these things so that you can set reasonable expectations for yourself.

For one thing, much of hair growth comes from nutrition. Your body needs certain nutrients in order to maintain healthy hair growth continuously. So you should think of your diet first and make sure you are eating well and drinking lots of water. No hair care product will be able to properly make up for a poor diet. But if you do maintain your diet and want a routine meant for Black hair specifically, there are some products that could help you achieve your goal. A good consistent routine should help you provide your hair with what it needs to grow long and strong.

Another point that is very important to consider is that hair growth is two-fold: hair growth and retention. Many people become unsatisfied with their hair growth progress and wonder why their body produces hair so slowly, when in reality, their hair is technically growing, but they are not retaining it. Your body will continue to grow hair at its own rate, but it is up to you to make sure you actually keep all the hair you grow. Not taking care of your tresses could result in them slowly breaking off at the ends, making it seem like your hair isn’t growing when it actually is, it’s just breaking off as it grows. In order to combat this breakage and promote retention, you will need to protect your hair and keep it strong and healthy. Then you will get to keep all of the length you grow out.

There may not be a magical hair growth serum, but there are plenty of products that can help keep your hair healthy and promote hair growth as they retain the length. Here are some essential hair growth products for Black women that can help you grow and retain your hair.

Hair Masks
Deep conditioning hair masks are excellent for adding a large amount of moisture to the hair stands all at once and make a great addition to any wash day routine. These can help you to keep your hair nourished and hydrated to stay healthy and strong.

Hair Oil
Well-formulated blends of natural oils make great hair growth products for Black women. They can be used for multiple purposes including strengthening, adding hydration, and acting as a sealant to protect the hair and lock in moisture.

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