5 Reasons to Buy a Detached Home in Discovery Ridge

When looking to buy a property in picturesque residential neighbourhoods, perhaps you should consider searching for new homes for sale Discovery Ridge.
In contrast to row-style houses, owning a detached home may better suit your real estate goals if you value your privacy more.

Here are the top 5 advantages you can enjoy with a detached home:

1.No Intrusion
Single-family detached homes don’t typically share walls with your neighbours. Meaning, you will have the freedom to do what you want without attracting complaints from them. You have the peace that you would essentially be lacking in a townhome or condo.

Likewise, the absence of a common wall means you don’t have to put up with disturbing noises from the adjacent homeowners. But in the case of an attached infill, you can hear a slight buzz or white noise when they have guests over.

2.Spacious Living
Per the Canadian real estate statistics, there will be 7.89 million detached single-family homes by 2023. Single-detached houses make for around 54% of all dwellings in the country, and young Canadians prefer them to low-cost condominiums.

The primary reason is that a detached property offers plenty of living space that a growing family needs in the coming years. There is more internal and external square footage, meeting the requirements of everyone in the household.

3.Ample Storage
The designs of all new homes for sale Discovery Ridge are such that adequate storage space is available for your assets and valuables. Whether it is the basement or yard shed to safeguard your tools and old items or the garage for everyday use, you don’t have to compromise on space.

It is not the same for residences in a multi-family property where you try to maximize every nook and cranny that is empty. For bigger families, storage purposes are usually higher, and buying a detached piece of real estate is the safest bet.

4.Lively Outdoors
Urban spaces have compact units, which don’t come with a backyard where kids can play, or you can set up a tiny garden. In most detached homes, you can see both front and backyards, making them an intelligent choice for prospective homeowners with hobbies.

Even if you are not serious about a do-it-yourself backyard project, you can always use the additional outdoor space for entertainment. Convert it into a play area, lounge in the sun, or host a barbecue Sunday for friends amidst the landscape.

5.Price Factor
Per the Residential Property Price Index, residential property rates shot up by 31.6% in March. The single-family home segment contributes the most to this number. Even with the ups and downs that Calgary real estate had recently, detached homes are stable and hover around benchmark prices.

Moreover, you can avoid expensive special assessments that can reach up to $70,000 with apartments or attached properties. Ideally, single-family properties save you money and return a higher profit in the right market conditions.

What to Consider When Buying New Homes for Sale Discovery Ridge
The initial costs of a detached home are more, and maintenance and cleaning will be your sole responsibility. But new homes for sale Discovery Ridge are worth it because they are more comfortable than apartment-style properties, row houses, etc. Call RareBuilt Homes to learn more!

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