ITIL Certification For IT Experts: A Complete Guide

ITIL Certification is a framework and a training program for an individual to excel in the field of Information and Technology, which can become a boom for his career and the company he is working for. Its versatility and scalability make it unique. It consists of terminologies, utilizing processes, methods, and the best practices that individuals can use to prosper in their respective fields.

ITIL: Then and Now

Many big names in Information Technology that are implementing ITIL are NASA, HBSC, IBM, etc. Not only in Information Technology, but it can also be used for smooth implementation and excellent performance in any business and can be done by anyone.

After its origin in 1980, it had undergone many changes and visible advancements, and the prominent one was ITIL v3 in 2007.

ITIL v3 Certification consists of 5 levels:

  1. ITIL Foundation.
  2. ITIL Practitioner.
  3. ITIL Intermediate.
  4. ITIL Expert.
  5. ITIL Master.

Later, it was replaced by its successor ITIL V4 certification with the changes as needed by the times.

From the year 2019, February 28, it was taken care of by AXELOS together with the government of the United Kingdom. Everything is maintained, managed, and undertaken by them. ITIL certification course has helped thousands of professionals advance in their careers.

Axelos Certification 

AXELOS owns this certification program, and it permitted other institutions (Els) to issue certificates all over the world after a candidate passed the exam after completing his complete AXELOS courses.

AXELOS offers ITIL certification with four levels, ranging from ITIL Foundation to ITIL Masters. One can deep dive into it for further development to practice his skills and solve the challenges faced by his career advancements.

  • Who can pursue this certification course: Only individuals,

If a company is claiming that it is ITIL certified, then it can be on different standards such as ISO/IEC on the basis that a company can promote any number of employees who have certification for ITIL.

  • The advanced version ITIL V4 covers Agile, DevOps, Lean, service management, guidelines, principles, etc.

Also, individual learns to deal with customer and service relations and IT products.

The ITIL online course and AXELOS training mainly focus on service value system (SVS), service relationship, service management, guiding principles, service value chain, etc.

After completing the AXELOS course, one implements his talents and understandings as a strategic IT leader.

ITIL Advantages

There are many advantages for ITIL professionals and leaders. They are:

  • They are the best professionals for IT services.
  • They can apply their skills in IT as well as in other businesses and industries.
  • Have a better problem-solving ability.
  • Have strong product knowledge.
  • They are first preferences at the time of selecting employees.
  • Pays are comparatively higher than other professionals who have not done AXELOS certification courses. 

Organizations have also benefited from having these specialists with them.

  • Quality product
  • IT and business go side by side
  • ITIL Framework for the organization
  • Better customer services and satisfaction
  • Better support to other staff
  • Global ITSM standards
  • If everything works well, it brings growth to the organization
  • The organization had better risk managing and problem-solving team, etc.

Scope of ITIL

Even though it is proved to be a good course, it does not guarantee career and development. Any certified IT professional needs good experience too. This will make him a master at his workplace, where he can shine bright with all the skills and practice his proficiencies in the real challenging world of IT.

The course can be acquired in less money, around 150$-500$ depending on the country, platform (online/offline), training, etc. It is easy to get certified for ITIL. A person can make this certification more valuable after diving deep into further courses and gaining capability, as this course is only valuable with experience. Otherwise, only certification will not get him better development and acknowledgment in his career.  


An ITIL Certification can be the first step towards career advancements for a candidate who wishes to move forward in the Information Technology industry. Secondly, he should have enough expertise; develop skills, have a positive approach towards problems, experiences, knowledge, etc., for advancing in his profession.

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