Rain or Shine, It’s Time to Play Ball: Weather Gear You Need

Baseball or softball has become your favorite sport, whether it be recently or for as far back as you can remember. There truly is something about these two sports that is incomparable and simply not found in other sports.

While we do love baseball and softball, there is one major issue with these two sports for players: playing in unagreeable weather.

It’s time to take better care of both yourself and your gear (even if it’s safely inside DeMarini softball bags or backpacks) through all weather conditions while on the diamond. Let’s take a look at various types of weather and items you need to best withstand them– and still play your best!

Hot and Humid Days
During those stiflingly hot and humid days, every movement feels like it’s followed by gallons of sweat. In order to protect yourself from heat stroke or other issues, drink a lot of cold water and electrolyte drinks. We also recommend bringing your own cooler bag filled with ice and these drinks stored within it.

(“Hot” tip: drop an ice cube between your back and shirt, then let it melt. That will help cool you down quickly and will dry up fast enough to not irk you!)

You could also bring a handheld battery-powered fan, ice-cold water-soaked towel to place on your head while in the dugout, and only wear underclothes that are comfortable and breathable.

Rainy and Chilly
First and foremost, you should always bring something to best protect your bag and overall gear from getting ruined in the rain. You could do this with a tarp or bag-covering plastic bag. Try also bringing the following items with you and use them when it is allowed/ideal:

● An umbrella (if there isn’t a covering dugout)

● A poncho

● A hat

● Dry towels

● Water-resistant batting gloves

● Hand and feet warmers

● Extra water-resistant layers (rain jacket, shirts, etc.).

● Extra pair of dry socks

● Extra baseballs/softballs in case the ones your team has have gotten too wet

● Plastic grocery bags for holding smaller gear (gloves, etc.)

● Smaller sandwich bags for vital items (your wallet, phone, and so on)

Windy and/or Snowy… and Cold
Those who have played fall ball know all too well the issues that result from windy and cold weather. On days with such weather conditions, there are fortunately plenty of ways for you to prepare yourself.

Opt for long-sleeve polyester shirts beneath your uniform on game days as to not obstruct your number/name visibility. If it’s just practice, wear an insulated windbreaker over your normal clothing items. If you can, wear batting gloves as much as possible (even under your fielding glove).

Toss a hand warmer in your pocket (if one is available) and retrieve it whenever there is a calm moment on the field to keep your hands warm and nimble.

Play wearing an extra pair of socks (but of course be as comfortable and mobile as possible when doing so). Have a pair of regular gloves or mittens ready for you every time you are in the dugout.

We advise bringing some lotion and chapstick along with you, too, as the windy can quickly wipe away the hydration from your face and lips– and that can hurt. You can effectively deter chapping and windburn by applying these helpful products.

Hitting the baseball or softball field is truly a remarkable experience for us avid players, so don’t let the weather ruin it for you. Properly prepare yourself and you’ll still be able to enjoy your favorite game!

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