When is the Best Time to Sell Used Apple iPhones?

Apple typically releases new iPhone models every fall. If you want to sell used Apple iPhones, it’s best to do it before a new release.

Phone technology is evolving faster than we could all keep up and Apple’s iPhone, time and again, has proven that it’s at the helm of it all. This is good news because it raises the resale value of your iPhone to top dollar.

Generally, you don’t want to keep your phone for two years or more. In fact, it’s always better to sell old iPhones no more than a year after their first release.

In other words, you want to sell your old iPhone within a year or two of its release and the best time would be before fall when Apply launches a new model.

Consider Supply and Demand Rule
Don’t wait till fall before you sell your iPhone. It’s ideal to sell your iPhones as early as you can. Just be sure to take the supply and demand rule into account when selling your phone.

Broadly speaking, January, after the Christmas holiday when most people receive iPhones as gifts, is not a good time to sell. Second-hand iPhones for sale usually flood the market at this time and drive the price of iPhones down.

If selling your iPhone after Christmas can’t be helped, do it. It’s still better to sell it early as possible and not wait until a new model is announced by Apple. This is because, historically, Apple drops the price of the preceding model after a new release.

Apple Drops the Price of Older iPhone Models After a New Release
You can say goodbye to selling what your iPhone is worth before the price drops. If the price of a brand new unit of the model you’re selling is only slightly higher than what you’re selling your old phone for, it would be hard for you to find a buyer even if your phone is still in good condition.

All that aside, when you’ve decided it’s time to sell your iPhone, there are a few things you should do first. And if you’re asking, is it safe to sell your iPhone? Yes, it is. Provided you take some precautions before selling it. That’s also the next item in this article.

What to Do Before Selling Your iPhone?
Whether you want to trade in your old iPhone at an Apple store for a store gift card or sell it to another third-party trade-in site, you want to strip your phone off sensitive data and wipe it all off information.

Here are the steps you should take:

● If you already have a new device, move all of your information to it
● If not, you can back up all of your data to the cloud (iCloud) or to local storage
● Unpair your Apple Watch
● Log out of the App Store, iTunes, and iCloud
● Delete the iPhone from the list of your trusted devices
● Reset your iPhone

How to Factory Reset Your iPhone

Check out the steps below for resetting your iPhone.

● Scroll down to “General” in “Settings”
● Click “Reset” at the bottom of the “General” page
● Then click,”Erase All Content and Settings”

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