Reusable, Custom Magnetic Name Tags for Businesses and Sustainability

Sustainable practices, such as eliminating the use of single-use plastics and paper products from the office consumption stream, and minimizing carbon footprints by becoming conscientious about energy expenditures and transport, are becoming the way of the future.

The expression, “many a mickle makes a muckle,” is applicable here, meaning that great big initiatives can be boiled down to tiny components. That is, every little bit counts.

So let’s take a look at how a seemingly innocuous office good – such as a custom magnetic name tag – can support sustainability initiatives.

How Does a Magnetic Name Tag Work?
A magnetic name tag typically consists of a nameplate with a magnet or a strip of magnets along the back as well as a separate magnetic backing that fits underneath the article of clothing it is supposed to attach to.

They lack pins and they generally lack adhesives, so they don’t leave any residue on uniforms or clothing and they don’t puncture fabric, either.

Instead, all you need to do is position the backing through the fabric of the uniform and then align the front of the name tag over it in order to engage the two. Most of them are strong enough to stay in place without shifting.

Are There Benefits to Using Magnetic Name Tags Over Traditional Disposable Name Tags?

There are a variety of advantages to using custom magnetic name tags instead of conventional, disposable name tags.

●High-quality magnetic name tags create no waste since they are reusable.

●Magnetic fasteners have no small moving parts that can break or fail.

●Magnetic name tags may be easier for certain individuals with motor impairments to manipulate.

●Magnetic name tags do not puncture clothing or leave the residue of an adhesive on it.

●Magnetic name tags can support your sustainability initiatives by cutting back on waste.

Of course, like all forms of name tags and professional signage, magnetic name tags can be used to further communicate the value of your brand and support the customer experience, but this trait is not unique to magnetic models.

How Can I Customize Magnetic Name Tags?
The great value of reusable magnetic name tags lies not only in their durability but also in the fact that they can be customized to meet the needs of your business.

For instance, the custom magnetic name tags available online at Imprint Plus ( can be customized with the following and more:



●A wide range of full-colors customizations

●Sizes and shapes

●Some custom name tags can also be cut into the shape of your logo

●Magnetic name badges can be accompanied by badge talkers that can be used to communicate employee skills and abilities

●And more.

To learn more about the different ways in which you can customize the name badges available at Imprint Plus, visit their website via the link above.

What Else Can Your Office Do to Support Sustainable Practices?
Investing in high-quality reusable name badges like magnetic name tags is only one step your office can take to be more sustainable for the future.

There are a wide range of other initiatives you can adopt to do your part for the supply chain, your local environment, and the planet, including:

●Turning off lights and electronics in the evening.

●Using HVAC more conscientiously.

●Investing in more energy-efficient lighting.

●Creating incentives for car-pooling or public transit.

●Establishing work from home days.

●Prominently labeling and encouraging recycling facilities.

●Phasing out single-use goods – both plastic and paper.

●And much more!

Adopting greener, more environmentally conscious habits is a team effort and everyone in your organization has a part to play – and it all starts with a single step!

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