SeeLevel Tank Monitoring System

SeeLevel Tank Monitoring System by Garnet Instruments is one of the most popular solutions for inaccurate tank readings in RVs.

The traditional RV system is known for giving inaccurate results. Fortunately, the SeeLevel technology offers high accuracy for stationary and mobile storage tanks.

Garnet is recognized for its tank-monitoring devices for the petroleum sector, and its SeeLevel gauges for RV tank monitoring use the same technology.

The beauty of these sensors is that they are linked to the tanks from the outside, so they never come into contact with liquids. This means they aren’t prone to fouling or corrosion, and they don’t require a lot of maintenance.

Why SeeLevel Tank Monitor
The SeeLevel system measures the content level in the tank using capacitance and a sensor mounted outside the tank. Because it is mounted outside, there is no risk of the sensor becoming contaminated.

Sensors located inside a tank provide false readings typically because of semi-solid particles that stick to it or the tank wall near the sensor. This is especially true for black tanks.

With SeeLevel, you don’t have to worry about debris sticking to your tank wall. The capacitance sensors of SeeLevel are reliable and low-maintenance.

SeeLevel monitoring devices come in a range of sizes and combinations. The popular 709 series includes panels with water pump and water heater switches, as well as panels that can handle several gray water tanks.

The 709-A panel is a new addition to the line, and it has analog outputs that can be used to trigger alarms or regulate macerator pumps. Panels with RVC network connectivity are also available to connect to an Aladdin or Silverleaf system. No extra sensors are required for LP tanks because they use the existing in-tank sensor. It’s as simple as tapping into an existing wire.

On a single RV, many panels can be mounted. To supplement the display inside the coach, you may choose to add second display mounts in the basement water service bay.

While dumping your holding tanks or filling your freshwater tank, you’ll be able to see the current tank level. This proves helpful when filling the freshwater tank or when you partially want to empty a gray tank. You can clearly determine the content level of the tank.

The display may be turned on to monitor the gray tank and will show real-time tank level data, allowing you to stop the draining cycle at any time.

The sensors send a signal through the tank from one edge of the sensor to the other edge, where they measure the refraction within the tank’s contents to determine the precise tank level. The data is accurate, and the bright LED SeeLevel display panel is easy to see.

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