What Is So “Great” About Great Eastern Cutlery Knives?

Finding the ideal knife brand is no small feat. The market is littered with “top brands” who all claim to have the most idyllic options for all knife enthusiasts, from military members to casual outdoorsmen and beyond. It can no doubt be difficult to sift through these brands and know for sure which ones are truly reputable and worthy of your business.

However, if you are on the hunt for a trusty and versatile pocket knife, in particular, we know one brand that stands above them all: Great Eastern Cutlery.

If you have ever been searching for a new knife for your collection or have ever considered doing so, it is likely that you have already heard the name in passing. But, what exactly is it about Great Eastern Cutlery knives that makes them and their pocket knives so “great” after all?

Who Is Great Eastern Cutlery?
First, a brief introduction on the brand (it’s applicable, we promise). GEC began in August of 2006 based on the main goal of providing knife aficionados with only the highest quality knives on the market. They create not only state-of-the-art pocket knives but also a variety of other knives, such as kitchen knives and fixed blades.

While all of their offerings are indeed impressive, it’s really their pocket knives that stand out the most.

GEC Pocket Knives: Their Redeeming Qualities
Now that we have a very basic understanding of GEC, its inception, and its major goal of creating only the most dependable of knives, we can start to look at their pocket knives’ enticing and redeeming qualities.

Authentically Traditional and Modern
The pocket knives from GEC have managed to perfectly combine traditionality and modernism. This is because these knives are made using more modern techniques to further their longevity and strength while still managing to feel, look, and perform like traditional pocket knives.

For Every 1 Pocket Knife, There Are 200 Processes
Every single one of the pocket knives released by GEC has undergone extensive and meticulous designing processes. To be more precise, each one has gone through 200 processes prior to sale! These processes are both conducted by hand and machine, meeting the stringent standards set forth by the dedicated and knowledgeable brand.

Sturdy Materials from Blade to Handle
Their pocket knives are only ever constructed with the most dependable materials available. Their blades are of high-carbon steel, specifically 1095 carbon steel. While carbon steel is what more traditional pocket knife blades are made of, high-carbon steel is far more advantageous (even considering its cleaning needs) because it can hold its edge and attain a beautiful polish.

The handle materials on their pocket knives are also impressive, such as natural options (antler, bone, wood, etc.) but also dependable synthetic ones, like micarta and Delrin.

Where Can You Buy GEC Knives?
Now that you are undoubtedly considering purchasing one or several knives from Great Eastern Cutlery, you need to know exactly where to get them. Fortunately, we have the answer: The Knife Connection.

The Knife Connection does exactly what their name implies: connects knife enthusiasts with their future favorite knives. Browse their Great Eastern Cutlery knives today or give them a call at (419) 500-9020.

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