Should I Get an AR 15 Parts Kit Even If I’m Not Going to Build One?

So, you’re looking at some good prices on AR 15 parts kits but you don’t plan on building one, but the prices are great and most importantly available – so what should you do?

Obviously, the choice is yours, but there are several good reasons to keep a parts kit on hand even if you’re only a basic tinkerer.

The main reason is that a parts kit will keep you prepared with parts whenever you need to make basic repairs or replacements.

Depending on the type of parts kit you buy, it’ll have most if not all of the parts you need to complete a finished firearm, minus the receiver. That includes a lot of little parts that are cheap but can be hard to find.

Lost a little part like a roll pin in the dust? Worry not, there are probably several more in the build kit you bought. If it came with a bolt carrier group, you’re in even more luck. Extractors, ejectors, spring and firing pins can all fatigue and break. But if you have a build kit that contains them, making the fix will not be as much of an effort as it would have been.

Think about the value of having a spare buffer tube spring, muzzle device, or even a barrel. Keeping a barrel in reserve means that when your original barrel wears down, which, inevitably will happen, you already have one you need to make the replacement and preserve accuracy.

Now consider the run on guns, firearms parts, and ammo that we’ve all experienced over the last two years. Shelves are bare and bare of everything. It’s not like only hard-to-find cartridges are even rarer. Things like 12 gauge target loads have doubled in price – where you can find them at all.

Moreover, we’ve been seeing and reading that even reloading components like powder and primers are a hot commodity that’s in short supply. Add in the list of gun parts and long wait times to purchase a firearm, again, if you can even find the object of your interest at all.

For the past two years, there have been shortages of popular firearms platforms, parts and ammo, and long wait times in some areas for those that would buy them. Keeping a build kit in a drawer somewhere near your bench is not excessive. It is a preparedness measure.

This way, you’ll always have two (or more) or all of the vital working components in your rifle. When something fails or you just want to make an off-the-cuff replacement or upgrade, you won’t have to plan a new project.

Just break out the built kit you have squirreled away and get to work.

Where Can You Get an AR 15 Parts Kit?
Looking for a place where you can reliably find parts and kits for AR-15 rifles? If you’re looking for an AR-15 parts kit, check out SARCO Inc., at

SARCO, Inc., online at the website listed above and in their shop in Easton, Pennsylvania, is a foremost provider of firearms parts, accessories, ammunition, and militaria. They carry a wide range of AR-15 parts, including mil-spec components, lower and upper receivers, and piecemeal components, like barrels, handguards, magazines, gas blocks, and more.

If you’re looking for something specific like a complete upper or a build kit and can’t find what you need, just get in touch with their customer service team at 610-250-3960. They’ll help you find whatever it is you need.

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