Simple Ways to Achieve Romantic Home Decor

After growing up seeing so many examples of beautiful dream homes on television, it makes sense that we would have developed a certain taste for a certain type of home decor. There were so many impressive design elements to grab your eye and make you think of romantic, vintage styled homes.

We might not be living in a world of fantasy, but that does not mean that we cannot achieve the style of home we want for ourselves. You can still get that sort of design for your home in the real world, you just need some helpful decorating ideas that send you in the right direction. You can find romantic home decor and decorate your home like you are living in an ornate, highly stylized house in film.

It just comes down to which pieces of furniture and decoration you choose for your home. You want to find pieces that really add that romantic touch to the place so that you feel that warm, inviting energy in every room. In case you needed any ideas, here are some ways you can introduce romantic home decor to your home to create the look and feel you want.

French Style Furniture
A good place to start when decorating your home is with the furniture. These large pieces act as the foundation of a room and give you some points of reference to base your decor around. Look for some romantic, vintage styled furniture like canopy beds for bedroom decor and seating inspired by Louis XVI. There are lots of designs available now that harken back to this iconic time in French design.

Ornate Design Elements
With your furniture picked out, you can start on smaller details that bring the room together and add that romantic touch you want all around the house. When picking out your home decor, look for small, ornate detailing. This could be in the form of an elaborate chandelier, the frame of a gilded mirror, or any other decorative element in your home that is full of this attention to detail.

Ambiance With Scented Candles
Our feelings are impacted by so much more than sight alone, so it is a clever detail to play off of the other senses to create a feeling of lighthearted romance. Scented candles, for example, help to set a certain mood in the home day or night. During the day, the lingering scent feels pleasant and relaxing, but at night, the warm flames flicker and create a very cozy, intimate atmosphere.

Scented candles act as romantic home decor by setting the mood. The burning wick and the wafting fragrance help to put you at ease, and feel even more romantic when you are cuddling up with a special someone.

With the right state of mind and a good eye for finding special pieces, you can style your home with romantic home decor that fills each room with a romantic energy, almost as if it were taken out of a film or a magazine for home design. There is no reason why you can’t get the home of your dreams when all it comes down to is choosing romantic and vintage styled design elements, and arranging them throughout the house.

When you bring all of these details together, they create the overall look you wanted, so you can walk through your home feeling like you got just what you asked for. You can shop for this kind of romantic home decor and furniture online at They offer some beautiful, elegant vintage furniture and decor that you can use to make your home into what you want it to be.

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