Things To Do After Opting For Windshield Replacement Tulsa Services?

Getting the windshield of your vehicle replaced can be a big decision. No one wants to get into the trouble of getting a windshield replaced but sometimes you don’t have any other choice. You can choose windshield replacement Tulsa services from the best auto garage in the city so that you can enjoy a good experience. Of course, when you get the new windshield installed, you want it to perform at its best. You will not want any room for error once you get a windshield replaced with a new one. If you wish to keep the new windshield in the best condition, you should follow certain tips that are given below-

  1. Inspecting the installation– Once the windshield replacement Tulsa service has been performed, you should examine the installation properly. You should look if there are any bubbles or gaps in the seal around your windshield. No matter how well-known the service provider is, you should make sure that the installation technician has correctly installed your windshield gasket. You can even take your car for a test drive so that you are sure that there is no air noise around the installation.
  2. Don’t go for a car wash– If you use cleaners or cleaning agents on the car during the first 3 days, it can completely damage the windshield. You need to give your windshield the time to dry. The installers use a special tape so that the installation can be preserved. You shouldn’t remove the tape for at least 24 hours. If you avoid the car wash, you can improve the life of your new windshield.
  3. Get the warranty paperwork– The windshield replacement Tulsa technician will not let you go home without handing over the warranty papers. On the completion of the install, he will provide you with a receipt and paperwork for the new windshield that has been installed. He will also provide all your warranty information related to windshield replacement. In case you have any doubts, you can ask questions about what the warranty covers and how you can claim it if you need repairs in the future. You can even ask the technician, what should be done in case there is a problem with the installations. Don’t come home with any doubt in mind. No matter what your query is, you can check with the technician.
  4. Go easy with your vehicle during the initial days of installation– The first day after your windshield replacement is very important in case you want the installation to be a successful one. The glass is very sensitive during the first 24 hours of installation. It is fresh, wet, and will take some time to settle. You should avoid slamming doors, don’t drive in bumpy areas, try not to over speed, and also avoid any harsh impacts on your cars. You can even leave your windows open to avoid any air pressure to build in the car. If you are mindful during the first 24 hours of getting the new windshield installed, you will allow the windshield gasket time to seal and settle.
  5. Go by the map– There are chances that your windshield got damaged because you drove on a random road or road debris. So, with a freshly installed windshield, avoid driving in the areas where a lot of construction work is happening. Sometimes changing your route can help you protect your windshield. you should also avoid going to areas with low-hanging branches or road debris. The whole idea is to drive on a smooth and safe surface. Since the windshield is fragile at this stage, any kind of pressure on the vehicle can have a direct impact on its glass.

To conclude

It is now clear that the first 24 hours are the most important after your new windshield installation. If you are careful with the installation, the windshield will perform just like it used to before. Taking simple precautions like avoiding cash wash during initial days, don’t drive on rough lands, being mindful of not slamming the doors, etc. can help the new seal to settle down. You should also avoid taking a rough route if you wish to avoid windshield replacements or rock chip repairs in the future. In Tulsa, there are many auto garages that offer professional services when it comes to windshield replacement. You can choose the best windshield replacement Tulsa service provider and get your windshield fixed. You should also consult the technician for any precautions that you should follow during the initial days of installation. A professional is the best person who can guide you with precautionary tips. Don’t have a never mind attitude towards your car once the windshield has been replaced with a new one. No matter how well the replacement job has been performed, if you don’t take the necessary precautions, the newly installed windshield won’t function well.

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