This ‘Face-Lifting’ Concealer Hack Will Blow Your Mind

Concealer Hack

The mask of makeup is a complex one. It’s more than just covering our flaws; it’s about projecting a layer of confidence and radiance. You don’t want to look tired, even when you are, it is natural that you want to look pulled together, even if you aren’t.

With increasing social media, easy makeup trends are trending. One such makeup trend which has got people going absolutely crazy is the new concealer trick. This trick is used to give a chiselled look. Read on to know what this trick is!

How did this hack gain traction?

The trend began when TikTok star Megha Singh posted a video applying concealer, which gave her face a stunning lifted appearance. People soon followed suit, and this hack started trending. If it is your first time trying this, apply concealer on one side of the face and leave the other side as it is. The difference between the two sides will astonish you.

How to use this trick?

1. Apply concealer on your nose vertically.

2. Next, apply concealer from your nose to your temples and from chin to earlobe in an upward direction.

3. Now apply an orchid or nude lipstick to your cheekbones

4. Blend them perfectly

You’ll be amazed by the results!

Will Any Concealer Do?

Don’t choose a random concealer; know everything there is to know before choosing one. For best results, use a concealer that:

● Matches your complexion

● Is ultra-blendable

● Gives medium to full coverage

● Is light-weight with a creamy texture

Which Product Should You Choose for the ultimate ‘FACE-LIFT’ trick?

● Lotus Makeup offers a variety of concealers to offer you the freedom to choose a product based on your personal preference, skin tone, and skin type. Not every concealer will work well for everyone, so it’s essential to keep these considerations in mind. For instance, Lotus Makeup ECOSTAY Insta Hide Crème Concealer – Rich Shell is ideal for special occasions. The texture and colour are perfect for giving you a party-ready and grand lifted face look.  

● Not everyone enjoys wearing loud or bold makeup. If you are one of those yet are still tempted to try the concealer trick, you might want to consider Lotus Herbals Ecostay Insta Hide crème concealer – Nude Beige. The colour perfectly blends into your skin tone, thus not giving the impression of wearing makeup.

●  If you want a slight colour, a peach corrector is the product for you. It will give your skin a nice, rosy texture. Your face will have a lifted look along with a slight blush.

● For lipstick, experiment with light pink, orange or nude shades. Choose between a matte or glossy texture based on the finish you desire. If you’re feeling experimental, definitely try using two shades together! You can use a combination of two lip shades like cherry and orchid to get a hydrated, glowing and uplifted cheek look.

In conclusion, concealers are replacing foundations as the most amazing makeup product. Always choose the right concealer to give your face a youthful and chiselled look.

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