Top Benefits an eCommerce SEO Company Can Bring You in 2022

Even in the modern age, eCommerce SEO still offers viable marketing strategies. Actually, let’s rephrase that. Especially in the modern age, eCommerce SEO remains viable.

This is because Google’s algorithms continue to increase, getting better and better with each update and aligning search results with what customers want. There are also the facts that SEO is sustainable, builds on itself, and that customers trust organic listings inherently more than promoted ones.

Let’s take a closer look at just how an eCommerce SEO company can still be the best investment you make in 2022.

●Higher organic traffic through improved search engine rankings
Just as in years past, eCommerce SEO remains one of the best ways, if not the single best way, to encourage higher organic traffic and sales.

Each optimization, from content optimization to site speed increases to user navigability improvements, will result in higher organic rankings from Google, which collectively will push organic traffic to your website.

Improved brand awareness and reach
All of that extra organic reach means that more users in your target market will become aware of your brand, even if not passively.

So what if your eCommerce website is on the first page in position two for a key search term? Not every user will click on you – but by ranking competitively, with each similar search countless users will be getting served impressions of your brand – for better or for worse (it’s better).

●A better user experience
All of the improvements an eCommerce SEO company will make to your website will have far-reaching, positive consequences, and one of those is a better user experience.

This is because many of the on-page optimizations that improve SEO also improve the usability of web design. Features like content optimization, site structure, link structure, image size, site speed, and site security are key ranking signals for SEO.

The bonus is boosting these also results in a boost to UX.

●Greater overall credibility
Here’s the thing about organic listings: customers trust them more than ads, and if you didn’t notice, it says “Ad” in the search results next to every PPC listing.

Yes, they show up higher – that’s the point – but customers actually tend to trust the organic listings more. In some ways, showing up naturally, beneath the ads, is better than showing up way at the top.

●Support for other organic marketing efforts
SEO does not work alone. It works in tandem with the other organic eCommerce marketing efforts that improve the ranking of your eCommerce business. Social media management, content marketing, and email marketing are all closely intertwined with the performance of SEO. Better organic rankings support these initiatives and vice versa.

●Decreased reliance on paid search marketing
Another great thing about working with an eCommerce SEO agency is that higher organic rankings can allow an eCommerce store to lean less heavily on paid traffic channels. The more organic traffic you generate, the less you should need to spend on PPC or promoted social media marketing.

●Scaling marketing efforts over the long term
The efforts you put into SEO today will not be visible for months down the line – but that’s actually a good thing. It’s not only delayed, it’s compounded. Your current efforts will build on themselves in the future, generating streams of organic traffic to your online store far down the line.

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