What to Look for in a Pet Supplies PPC Agency

While looking for new ways to boost your pet supplies company’s online presence, you have likely considered diving into the world of PPC campaigns. This is a tough space to manage, so you want a pet supplies PPC agency that is up for the challenge. To help you find a reliable agency, you will want to look for the following characteristics.

Clear Case Studies
While doing some background research on digital marketing agencies, you will want to find the sections on their websites about past case studies. These are examples of their past work for clients that they see as achievements and want to show to potential clients as examples of their skills with PPC management and SEO services. You should take a look at this section closely and see what their metrics are for certain performance indicators like conversion rate or return on ad spend for Google Ads. This is your chance to see what kind of work they do for their clients as account managers for PPC campaigns. You can see what this company can do as a pet supplies PPC agency for you based on the numbers of their past projects. It is also worth noting that these case studies will be examples of their best work, not a balance of their work on the whole, and if they have many case studies over the years, it means they have many clients who were happy enough with their marketing campaigns results to share.

Industry Experience
While you are scouring websites, searching for useful information that could help you to narrow down your list and determine which companies were worthwhile and which could be passed on, you will want to take a good, long look at their past clients. You should check to see if they have worked with any clients related to the pet supplies industry. This could be pet food, supplements for pets, accessories like collars and bedding, etc. The more the merrier as it shows a well-rounded breadth of knowledge in the pet supplies industry, which makes them better suited as a pet supplies PPC agency for you. Hands-on experience like this is instrumental and goes a long way when working in the industry. This experience in the field greatly helps with creating PPC campaigns to target a particular audience. Check to see how many pay-per-click campaigns the PPC company in question has done with related businesses and see how you feel from there.

Creative SEO and PPC Writers
The last piece of advice we want to share with you for finding a capable pet supplies PPC agency is to see if they have a team of skilled SEO and PPC writers. A major component of developing PPC strategy is bringing on the right writers who can create the ad copy that will show in your Google Ads campaign. These writers need to have both creative and technical skill in order to create PPC campaigns that relate to the particular brand and still meet the more technical criteria of what should be in a PPC advertisement. Whichever pet supplies PPC agency you choose, you just want to be sure that they have a team of experienced writers who know how to create text ads since it is a particular skill that proper PPC management teams should already have prepared.

That has been our advice for anyone seeking out a digital marketing agency that can help their pet supplies business. It is all general advice that you should consider when sizing up potential agencies. One that we recommend based on our criteria is 1DigitalAgency.com. They have done some great work for businesses in the pet supplies industry and continue to do good work for all their clients. Take a look at their PPC management services and see if this could be the one for you.

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