Why Magento Web Designers Are Essential for eCommerce Success

Creating a successful eCommerce store isn’t easy. A lot of different factors have to come together in order for you to “make it” online, even if you know a thing or two about sales and your industry in particular.

For instance, your website has to actually look and feel professional if you want customers to trust you. That’s why a Magento web designer is a crucial piece of the puzzle when it comes to building a strong online presence and succeeding where other businesses fail.

If your store is on the Magento platform and you are looking for ways to generate success online, you are going to want to read on.

Why Is Professional Web Design Needed for eCommerce Stores?
At the end of the day, customers are looking to buy products. A fancy website is secondary to a great product line. There’s also the idea that a good product will often sell itself, regardless of branding.

While there is some truth to these ideas, they don’t tell the whole story. These days, online shoppers prefer websites that instill trust with slick branding and functionality. A clunky, ugly website can and will limit your growth and sales numbers online. That’s just the reality.

While some brands in a select number of niches can get away with an “outdated” looking website, by and large you always want to make sure your Magento store looks the part and contributes to a high quality customer experience. This goes for any store on an eCommerce platform, but hiring a professional web designer for Magento is somewhat more important because of the open-ended nature of the platform.

Is Magento the Right Choice for You?
Some of the new eCommerce platforms provide out of the box themes and templates that make building an attractive online store relatively easy. Unless you are competing against other big brands, you may be able to get by with standard templates for your eCommerce website in this case.

However, if you are on Magento, the situation is somewhat different. As you likely already know, Magento is an open source platform. This is both beneficial and detrimental, depending on what you are trying to accomplish. If you don’t have a lot of experience when it comes to web development and design, you may be in for a hard time just trying to make the user experience on your store satisfactory.

You want your website to have a slick, responsive design. You also want your store to have an eye-catching design that encourages conversions. Professional website designs like this don’t just magically appear, however. They have to be crafted by eCommerce experts that know the Magento platform well and that have an eye for rock-solid design principles.

Magento is the right choice for you if you want a platform that gives you a lot of visual freedom without the necessity for a load of custom development, which can add up in costs. Rather, a talented design team can do a lot in Magento to upgrade the look and feel of your website, without having to perform a ton of dev work. Magento website design is likely going to be needed at some point in your eCommerce journey if you want your eCommerce store to really have that professional polish that shoppers are seeking these days.

Performing such design upgrades will not only give you an edge over your competitors, but will complement your digital marketing efforts as well. No point sending traffic to a website that doesn’t look the part.

Finding the Best Magento Web Designer for Your Site
Ideally, you will want to partner with Magento web designers that also offer eCommerce marketing services like search engine optimization and PPC advertising. When it comes to Magento services that get results, there’s no agency quite like 1Digital®.

Whether you are searching for Magento SEO services, or skilled Magento web designers that know how to build immaculate websites, the team at 1Digital® is what you’re looking for. They offer a full suite of Magento eCommerce solutions, ranging from design tweaks to full custom development, as well as social media marketing. They also offer ongoing Magento support contracts as well.

Don’t leave sales on the table with an old looking website. With Magento as your platform, you can create a magnificent website that truly meets the needs of your customer base – as long as you have the right Magento designers that is. Many web design companies don’t even offer services specifically for Magento because it is a niche platform – so make sure you are selecting the best agency for the job by contacting 1Digital® today.

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