What’s the Ammo Crisis all About?

Throughout 2020 and continuing into 2021, gun owners around the country (and the world) positively struggled to find viable sources of ammo.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking there was a shortage of rare and oddball cartridges. We’re talking about common cartridges like 12 and 20 gauge lead target loads, .22LR, 9mm, and .223 – you know, cartridges that every gun shop carries.

This shortage has dwarfed the .22LR shortage of the early to mid-2010s. Gun shop shelves were bare, and where cartridges were to be found, price hikes and outright price gouging were far too common.

What’s the Deal with Ammo Shortages?
It’s honestly impossible to point to one single factor that caused this ongoing ammo shortage.

First, there was a huge surge in new gun owners through 2020 and into 2021. Plenty of standing figures and metrics were broken in both years for new gun owners. Around the country, people were buying guns in droves. New gun owners buy ammo, too.

So, demand surged, and gun shops all over the country struggled to keep up. Also, ammo manufacturers can’t simply “ramp” up production. Loading is a highly scientific and stringent process that requires close oversight. Ammo suppliers did make moves to invest in new machinery and additional staff and have increased production, but there is a limit to what they can do.

Recent supply chain disruptions have also been partially to blame, making it difficult to keep shelves stocked, especially in an industry with such heavy regulations. There’s also been an element of panic-buying involved in this, with people buying ammo where they can find it – and as much of it as they can.

There have been other disruptors, too. For instance, the ammo industry is now competing with the mint for copper. Taking all of this into account, it’s little surprise that there’s been such a nationwide shortage of ammo – and unfortunately, all indicators look as though it will continue into 2022.

What Can You Do About It?
Well, be conscientious with your ammo, is one thing. Shoot through it and you might not know when you’ll be able to get it back. That’s not to mention the price of it when you find it. Ammo prices got all jacked up through 2020 and 2021 before the recent inflation hikes.

You could also start reloading – but that means you’ll need to be able to find a reliable source of powder, primers, and bullets. You’ll also need to keep your empty cartridges.

An AR 15 shell catcher can potentially help with that. When the question becomes one of keeping your old brass and investing in an AR 15 shell catcher, check out the Brass Goat, available over on BrassGoat.com.

This brass catcher attaches to mil-spec AR-15 lower receivers in moments with no tools and is made from durable, molded ABS resin that is weather-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and unlike mesh bags, won’t melt, catch fire, or jam – nor will it interfere with bolt function.

It’ll keep your Picatinny rail clear, keep your shooting area clear of spent brass – and give you some opportunities to pursue reloading if you see that as the light at the end of the tunnel with respect to the ammo crisis.

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