Your Skin Needs a Natural Cleanser and Here’s Why

When setting up a consistent skin care routine, one of the most important products to include is a facial cleanser. In particular, natural facial cleansers are excellent for anyone and everyone to use daily. Even if you do not know much about skin care at this point, this is a good thing to stay aware of right away.

Clean, Gentle Ingredients
One of the main factors that draw people in to using a natural cleanser is the potential for a product that can work well with their sensitive skin. People with troubled skin that is prone to acne, irritation, and inflammation often find it challenging shopping for skin care products because they have to remember that the product may cause them problems. The reason why so many turn to natural skin care products like a natural cleanser is because these products are formulated without certain artificial ingredients, which are known to be potentially irritating. Some of these include synthetic dyes, artificial fragrances, parabens, phthalates, and so on. Natural formulations tend to be gentler and safer for all skin types, although everyone’s skin is different.

Cleansing, But Not Drying
Although cleansing has some very clear benefits, it also has drawbacks like anything else, so that if you choose the wrong product, you might not be happy with the results. This often takes the form of overly drying products that strip the skin of its natural oils, leaving it feeling tight and uncomfortable. This often happens with standard cleansers since they are formulated using more harsh ingredients. While they may cleanse the skin of all impurities, they do more than they should to the skin. Natural cleansers tend to be better for cleansing without overy stripping the skin because they are typically formulated using more natural oils and extracts that add hydration as they wash away all impurities. Choose a moisturizing natural cleanser that is rich in antioxidants, nourishing oils, and plant based butters and it should be able to completely cleanse the skin with no dryness afterward.

Foundational Skin Care Step
Washing your face with a cleanser at the end, and possibly beginning, of each day is an absolute essential step in any skin care routine. It does not matter how invested you are in your skin care, if you have a routine consisting of two steps or twelve, one of those steps should include a natural cleanser. Before you can move on to any other step in your routine, you will first need to cleanse your skin to create a clean base to work off of. Applying products to unclean skin reduces the efficacy of the products, reduces the absorption, and increases the amount of unwanted substances on your skin and in your pores. This is a base step that you need to do even if you did not have any amount of makeup or skin care on your face for the day (though you should always wear sunscreen). Even just sweat, natural oils, and dust particles can build up in your pores and potentially cause skin issues in time. Make sure you are using a good cleanser that you trust and take this step seriously. It is one that you cannot afford to skip out on.

It’s better to not play around with your skin care too much and choose the best products right away that will perform as intended without any unfortunate drawbacks. Natural cleansers can potentially give you the best results, so it is a good idea to go with them and pass over all the other products on the market that are packed with synthetic ingredients. You can find a fantastic natural cleanser from a clean beauty brand at along with other great natural skin care products.

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