These days, if you’re arrested for some reason, you would be shocked to see your mugshots on different websites. Mugshots are mainly identification of a person that is made by police or official authorities. Now, these data can affect you in several ways. It can affect your relationship with your friends or family, your reputation in society, and whatnot. In our lives, we all deserve a second chance. But, searching your name in Google and finding your mugshot on different websites would not let you feel secure. Sometimes, you may also think that your local jails are providing your information to these websites. Once you get arrested, you will see that your name, charges, and mugshot is appearing on several websites.

To live a peaceful life, it is necessary to erase mugshots from Google. However, getting rid of them might turn into a difficult task. Under certain constitutional rules, any record linked to a crime is considered public information. Henceforth, this rule allows any website to post a person’s mugshot without their consent. Mugshots have proven to be a high-paying growth engine for numerous websites. Supposedly, if a person wants to remove their mugshot from a specific website, then the owner of that website might take an advantageous amount for that. 

Why is there a need to remove mugshots?

Whether you are a criminal or not, having mugshots all over the internet can ruin your life. It can damage your self-image, even if you are not guilty. It can even destroy your social relationships. Having a fake or real mugshot on different sites can take away your professional career, resulting in you losing your job. The problems might not be limited to you and can affect your family’s reputation as well. 

No one would believe your innocence if you were falsely accused of possessing a mugshot. Even if you haven’t done anything wrong, a fake mugshot can fool others into thinking you have. It’ll be difficult to persuade everyone of your innocence at that time. It’ll be considerably worse if your mugshots are widely available on the Internet. A forged mugshot can wreck your life in a variety of ways. It is critical to figure out how to get your mugshots off the commercial website in the most efficient manner.

How can a mugshot be removed?

Every website where your mugshot can be available is different in its way. If you want to remove your mugshot, then you would have to contact each website and ask them to remove your information. Some websites require the case to be dismissed by showing proof of dismissed information. Some websites, on the other hand, charge a fee to remove your information from their websites. If you want your information to be removed, you should know the steps to take to remove mugshots destination from different sites of Google. 

The first thing that you need to do is contact the website owners through emails or phone numbers. They would provide a form where you need to fill in the requirements that would be asked. You can also seek legal help if you are not guilty, but then the websites will also provide false mugshots of you. Remember that you should not pay your due fees before the websites seal your records. As a result, no one will access your information or undertake an internet background check on you. 


To get rid of the mugshots, you’ll need to take a thorough approach because any form of error could have disastrous implications in these scenarios. The time taken for the removal of a mugshot can drag on longer than expected. It is no longer legal for your information to be circulated once your record has been sealed. As a result, removing it will be less difficult. It is possible to have your mugshots removed from public view, albeit it will not be simple or quick. 

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